Cloud Propeller Infrastructure - Gen2 Hardware

At Cloud Propeller we believe in a single-tier, "best hardware money can buy" infrastructure, no matter what workloads you (our valued clients) chose to run. A single tier makes it easier for us to manage and for our clients to utilize, and when it is built on the fastest hardware there is - we believe it lets you concentrate on things that matter (like running the business).

Our goal has always been to deliver upgrades as we go, replacing the whole infrastructure in the process (Compute, Storage and Network) every 3 years. Of course, all this without requiring any involvement on our clients part. No manual migration, no downtime, no price increase; just the good old white-glove and zero-downtime service you've learned to expect from us over the years.
On October 7, 2019 we completed the full upgrade and migration of our Compute, Network and Storage to what we now call CP-Gen2 hardware.

  • CPU performance should be at least 30% better for most general workloads, and up to 200% for more specific workloads that utilize the full potential of the new Intel architecture
  • Storage performance should be about 400% faster than previous generation
  • Network bandwidth is now doubled (@ 40Gbit/host), and in Q2 2020 it will be 3 times that (6 times the previous generation @ 120Gbit/host)
  • Detailed specs further down below
Here's what's powering Cloud Propeller infrastructure today (2019-2022):
Intel Xeon Gold 6246 CPUs
  • 3.3GHz single-core performance (up from 2.5), w/ Turbo Boost of 4.2GHz
  • 6246 processors are the latest (2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable) from Intel which (released: Q2 of 2019, two months ago).
  • Unlike most Cloud Providers where density (read: revenue) is the decision driver, we picked this particular CPU for fastest base clock in a CPU w/ at least 12 cores. A purely performance-driven decision.
DDR4 ECC RAM @ 2933MHz
  • With the upgrade of underlying compute, our DDR4 memory also gets the speed boost from 2400MHz to 2933MHz (the fastest server-grade memory available today)
All Flash, All-NVMe vSAN Storage
  • We have always provided All-Flash (SSD) storage, however, we have now upgraded to world's fastest solid state storage technology - NVMe drives connected directly to the PCI-express bus (no SAS controllers, no bottle-necks).
  • In particular:
Intel Optane SSD DC P4800X Series (for our caching tier) 
  • 2,500 MB/sec per PCI-express cards
  • 550,000 random read and write IOPS @ 10 µs (micro seconds) latency
Intel DC P4610 (7.68TB SSDs for our data tier) 
  • 3,200 MB/sec per Drive
  • 651,000 random read; 219,000 random write IOPS (@ about 40 µs)
40Gbit network (per host)
  • Instead of 20Gbit, we now utilize 4 x 10Gbit (40Gbit) per host. In Gen2.5 (coming as early as Q2 of 2020 or as soon as VMware/vSAN add support for it) we will be adding additional 2 x 40Gbit NICs per host to further increase bandwidth to a whopping 120Gbit per host.

You may find out more about Cloud Propeller Infrastructure on our main website:

If you have any other questions, please contact us.

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