Sep 11th
L1 Terminal Fault - VMM Vulnerability Mitigated

We have patched entire Cloud Propeller infrastructure to mitigate L1 Terminal Fault Vulnerability in Intel CPUs.More detail on the vulnerability can be found here: to nature of our infrastructure design, where no resources ever exceeds 50% utilization, you should expect relatively no performance impact ... Read in Full »

Jan 5th
Intel CPU Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerabilities Info

Yesterday (January 4, 2018) news broke about vulnerabilities affecting AMD, Intel, and ARM CPUs. These vulnerabilities, termed Meltdown and Spectre, have the potential to expose information that computers/servers process. What's worse, it's the type of information that most applications rather keep safe (like secret keys, passwords, etc.).Original ... Read in Full »

Nov 22nd
Welcome to My-Cloud-Propeller Portal

Good evening,Welcome to Brand New - My-Cloud-Propeller portal.We are pleased to share this news with you as this portal, and especially the underlying automation we've integrated, really positions us ahead of all our competitors.The infrastructure, quality of service, attention to detail and customer support has already been doing so for awhile - ... Read in Full »