Good evening,

Welcome to Brand New - My-Cloud-Propeller portal.

We are pleased to share this news with you as this portal, and especially the underlying automation we've integrated, really positions us ahead of all our competitors.

The infrastructure, quality of service, attention to detail and customer support has already been doing so for awhile - but now, with this protal and automation integrated into it, we're widening the gap

Traditionally, (as is case w/ most other service providers) deploying VMware vCloud Director-based Virtual Data Centers (vDCs) was a tidious task.

  • None, outside of our friends at Zetta Grid (in Australia) had ability to deploy vDC's on-demand
  • Most required you to submit a Quote Request or talk to someone first
  • And once you were finally given access to a vCloud Director login
    • Your vDC was absolutely bare-bones
    • There was maybe an Edge Gateway of sorts (most likely not an NSX Edge, but older vShield)
    • Outside of primary Public IP, no other networks were set
    • And it took reading the manual to figure out how to add new Private Networks, configure firewalls, NATs and more
Today, with introduction of My Cloud Propeller Portal we're changing that paradigm once and for all.
  • Deploying New VMware-powered vDCs on our Enterprise-class hardware has never been easier
  • Through a simple wizard clients can configure all aspects of their vDC (which start @ under $100/mo!)
    • The exact number of vCPUs desired [Intel Xeon 2680v3 @ 2.5GHz]
    • The amount of RAM [DDR4, ECC]
    • Size of All-Flash Storage Allocation [from 10GB and up]
    • Flavor/Size of NSX-Edge Gateway (Router/Firewall) and it's High Availability setting
    • Bandwidth towards Internet (in Mbps)
    • And number of Public IPs allocated to the vDC

With all this info provided, within seconds of submitting an order, our automated scripts will kick in and deploy a Virtual Data Center.

Clients will get a Welcome Email within 5 minutes of submitting an order, with all info necesary to login and start deploying VMs.

  • NSX Edge will be deployed and configured (for all Public IPs client requested)
  • A private Subnet will already be deployed and ready
    • Small DHCP pool from (.250 to .254) will be already configured on this private net
  • Static NAT (Masquerade) will be properly configured for accessing Internet
  • Sample Firewall Rules and DNAT rules will be available in the NSX Edge config
Deploying a very first VM staright from one of our templates onto the private subnet that is already there and ready will cause DHCP to assign it IP address automatically, and the default DNAT and Firewall rules we have set will enable you to access this machine (via port 80 and 22) straight via your Primary Public IP. Furthermore, this machine will have full access to Internet the moment it's deployed.

In addition - all of our existing customers will benefit from My Cloud Propeller Portal as we're transitioning all of them into this system. The very first thing we have done is move away from Zendesk and all support and ticketing is now provided thrugh this new portal.

What's next?

We have more plans on expanding the portal and making it a One Pane of Glass control panel for all things Cloud Propeller.

In the following few months we'll bring vCD Performance Metrics and other automation tasks (like provisioning new Public IPs, etc.) into the portal for even easier management and less need for support tickets and manual workflows.

As always, thank you for being with us. We appreciate your business.

Petar Smilajkov
President & CEO
Cloud Propeller, Inc.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

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