In our second VMware Infrastructure Patch/Update for 2020, over this past weekend our VMware Infrastructure (in all data centers) has been updated to latest version.

As usual, this was a zero-impact, zero-downtime update. All client workloads were unaffected.

VMware vCenter is now: 6.5 Update 3h - Build #15679215 (released 2020/02/27)
- Security Updates to PhotonOS: mitigating the security issues in libxslt and systat.

VMware ESXi hosts are now: 6.5.0 P04 - Build #15256549 (ESXi650-201912002 released 12/19/2019)

This is the latest, greatest, and most secure version currently available.

We continue to monitor, evaluate and test in our lab all new VMware patches. As soon as they are approved by us, they will be scheduled for an update.

Thank you,

-- CP Engineering


Monday, March 23, 2020

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