This is our first Veeam Enterprise Backup (and Cloud Connect) Patch/Update for 2020.

Veeam Enterprise Backup for our Cloud / IaaS Clients, as well as the backup grid used for Cloud Connect clients, has been updated to highly anticipated Version 10!

This version brings a ton of new features, but most importantly for our IaaS clients who utilize Veeam to protect their virtual workloads, you can now specify your retention periods in days (not just # of retention points), and you can now use GFS, or Grandfather-Father-Son, for long term archiving of local backups. In addition to your usual daily backups, you may now configure long-term retention weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly backups as well.

As for our Cloud Connect clients - while there aren't many changes in how things work, you should expect faster and more reliable backups in this update. We also switched from using SMB on our back-end storage, to NFS (which is native to our storage arrays) - which should result in faster backups altogether.

Thank you,

-- CP Engineering

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

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